Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch from my current accountant

Of course! we offer a comprehensive switchover service for all clients, ensuring we transition all relevant information needed to move forward. We take care of everything for you.

Do I have to use Xero?

It’s your business, we aren’t telling you how to run things. Using Xero will simply allow us to streamline your accountancy process and keep our costing as competitive as possible. 

Im not sure I'll need all of your services

Don’t worry. We understand no two businesses are the same. With this in light we can build our service package around what works for you, we can simply review any growth at relevant stages to ensure we are supporting you as much as possible.

Im a new business, do I need an Accountant right away?

Ensuring your accountancy practices are in place from the point of startup means you are always in control. Always fully aware of your finances and your business growth We would highly recommend accountancy as a primary focal point.

How do I pay?

Some accountants charge a large annual fee, and some of our clients prefer this. However we are flexible and offer a monthly payment structure which allows you to cover the expense with less strain on your business,

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